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Poetry Salon in Los Angeles

On October 1st Lorinne Vozoff and Dr. Lillian Wallace organized a poetry salon in Jan's honor at the Theatre Group Studio on Oakhurst Avenue in Los Angeles. An assortment of professional musicians, actors, and film makers had been invited to the reading, in addition to friends and aquaintances of Jan residing in the L.A. area.

A limited edition of Jan's forthcoming poetry collection, "A Fool's Poems" (Hand to Mouth Publishing) had been prepared and handed out as a gift to the audience.

Jan's poems were recited by Rick Wallace, Lillian Wallace, and Lorinne Vozoff. Violinist Julie Pusch opened and closed the event with her own compositions. Lara Wallace accompanied the poem "Divine Comedy" on Tibetan instruments.

The event was a huge success, and another poetry salon with Jan's work is being planned in the near future.

(The collection, "A Fool's Poems" will be released in Oslo later this fall.)

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