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Jan's portrait of HM King Olav V of Norway on display at Haugar Vestfold Art Museum

The exhibition "Norwegian Royal Portraits" to open at the Haugar Vestfold Art Museum in Tønsberg, Norway on May 24th features Jan Valentin Saether's portrait of HM King Olav V of Norway.

Read more about the different artists and the members of the Norwegian royal family portrayed at theHaugar Vestfold Art Museum website.

In conjunction with the exhibition Orfeus Publishing will be producing a richly illustrated book, Kongelige portretter. Monarkiet i Norge 1814-2014. (ISBN 9788293140290) The exhibition curator and main author of the book is art historian Dr. Caroline Serck-Hanssen.

Exhibition dates: May 24 - September 28 2014.

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